Tuesday, February 19, 2008

sorry, you're @wrong level

that hectic day, 2 bags I should carry out.

uops... I saw the announcement, one of our lift didnt work.

about 7-9 people waited for another lift to go up stairs.

[my hostel is HBD, 11 levels, with more than 70 units. only 2 lifts operates all day, and only stop on level 1, 5 and 9]

we entered the lift....-desak-desakan- I pushed my self into it, I didnt want to wait until it come down again, such as wasting time.

so, I was right next to the lift's door. my stress was getting higher...

suddenly the door opened, I jump out from the 'full-fully' lift.
and start to went down stairs
walking though the units...until the corner of the building
eh...why my flat door is opened?
eh..why there a man sat down easily on my couch?
eh-eh..why he looked me and his face was full with question marks?

something wrong
lets me see...

O my gosh....I just wanted to enter #04-246

I was @ the wrong level, sodara-sodara!

and I climbed 4 level to go to my OWN unit #08-246

[my day-by-day route is 'enter lift @ level 1 go to level 9, and take the stairs go down to level 8, walking along corridor to the corner to unit number 246'

hahaha...this stupidity make my night...
I laugh-laugh-laughing me-myself-and-my-stress.

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