Tuesday, January 22, 2008

one semester have pasted already...

the last semester, all I remember is the adaptation.
and just now, I adapted to the way they give us a mark as the result of our progress for last semester.

I can't say it's bad...but can say it's 'cool' also
it's just lumayan in indonesian terms.

but, the module's result is not the only result.

its my adaptation process is the main result

how I try hard to understand the way my friends form overseas when they're criticizing your work
when they give you suggestions
when they try to explain something
when they present something

the way they say YES or NO
understanding the phrase they used directly from their mother-tongue to english terms.

the body language
the behavior..

and congratz me..
I know I have best friends in my classmates

with whom I will share informations
who give all important things when I went back to Indonesia

boys and girls...my -new- friends

hope, it more valuable that the mark that my lecture give for next-couple-years